Rejuvenating Skincare Kit


The REJUVENATING SKINCARE KIT is perfect for treating the whole body to reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone and texture. POLISH, EMOLLIENT CLEANSER micro-exfoliates rough skin with eco-salfe silica beads and Lactic acid. The OLEILYT leaves dry, scaly skin super smooth and hydrated. SMOOTH PRN is formulated forthe rough areas on your elbows, knees, foot and heels. HA CREAM is a luxurious hydrator and contains hylauronic acid for deep moisture.

This kit contains the following products:
1 × Oleilyt, 118 mL - One Time Purchase
1 × Smooth PRN, 60 g - One Time Purchase
1 × HA Cream, 50 g - One Time Purchase
1 × Polish, Emollient Cleanser, 120 g - One Time Purchase